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Featuring all the unique items that come across my desk as the Librarian at the Center for Sex & Culture Library & Archive, and any other Instagram wimsey I have.

Another reason why I like being a librarian, I get to push my own agenda. Bukowski was a Leo!  (at South San Francisco Public Library)
Because I’ve got amazing friends! (at Lake Merritt)
Friday lunch at the @archive  (at Internet Archive)
3 years of DOING YOUR DIRTY WEEK! Opens tomorrow night at @centersexculture featuring bay areas best dur dee artists!
Meanwhile in the library…
#BookishBeast 2014 @centersexculture Library themed zine! #csczine #zineography (at Center for Sex and Culture)
Holding it Down #Juki (at Center for Sex and Culture)
The dirtier side #ShelSilverstein, forts published in 1979. #AcrossMyDesk

Asian American LGBTQ archive seeks items for collection


Our work matters.

(via awesomearchives)

at Lakeview, San Francisco
My hold came in!
Mystery find photo.
Screw the System: Explorations of Spaces, Games and Politics through Sexuality and Technology #REsearch #monochrom #ArseElektronika
at Mission Pie
at San Francisco City Hall
A sampling of #goldenageofporn you could purchase from #csclibrary  (at Center for Sex and Culture)